Thigh Lift

As they age many people, mainly women, have trouble with excess skin on their thighs. The main reasons are aging, causing reduced elasticity in the skin, or after significant weight loss. Excess skin easily gives rise to eczema and other skin ailments. It is also a significant cosmetic problem that many of the affected feel psychologically bad about. With us at the Esthetics Centre you can, however, receive effective assistance in the form of thigh lifts.

Leaner with the use of plasty
The goal of a thigh lift is to improve the shape of the thighs. This is done by stretching the skin, which increases its strength. Thigh plasty can be combined with liposuction. The thigh is slimmed down by a liposuction and the skin stretched and adapted to the new shape.
Thigh plasty at our clinic

A lift is a major surgery that is always performed under general anesthesia. The operation takes a few hours. At the engagement our experienced surgeons lay a T-shaped section along the inside of the thighs and up to the groin. The scar is initially clearly visible, but fades with time to being nearly invisible. The pain after surgery is usually relatively mild, but one should still expect about 1-2 weeks of absence from work afterwards. Meanwhile, we must also have a tight girdle around the thigh, around the clock. Then girdle is worn for another couple of weeks but only during daytime.

After surgery
When the surgery is complete, you can usually go home the same day and then come back for a return visit in a week. Then the wound healing process is checked and check that everything else looks normal. The stitches are removed about two weeks after surgery.

The scars on the abdominal area usually fade away with time. As with any other surgery, there is a risk of infection, but they are rare after thigh lifts.

Warm and personal care
Our patients’ sense of security is important to us. Therefore you get to meet our skilled and experienced plastic surgeons during the initial consultation.. Together you discuss the aim of the thigh lift your expectations and requirements. Generally, there is a good chance to treat any of the following symptom with thigh plasty:
• Saddlebag thighs
• Loose thighs
• Thighs that are disproportionate big in comparison with the top of the body